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Title: ROAR If You Have To: 10 Inspirational Tales of Success—And the Women Who Roared
Author: Josefina Bonilla
Pub month: December 2019
Price: $14.99

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In Roar If You Have To, 10 Inspirational Tales of Success—And the Women Who Roared, Founder of Color Magazine and RIYHT Media, Josefina Bonilla, shares the ten tenets that changed her view of success, and the experiences of 10 of America’s self-made women who inspired her journey along the way.

These stories of inspiration, victories, battles won, and lessons learned portray the authentic, bold, and humbling experiences of women who dared to believe in themselves enough to stay focused on their vision, despite all odds. “Success is not happenstance. It takes time and effort. It takes being deliberate in knowing the things we want and the life we want to live.”

Roar If You Have To illuminates the diversity in success, which is unique to each woman who has come face to face with herself, and shares the heartfelt words of what these ten women see when they look in the mirror.Roar If You Have To is for the doers, the talkers, the relationship builders—and all of the women who need a little inspiration and guidance. Because, even America’s successful women needed a helping hand, to stay motivated and connected to their aspirations.